Under the Law on Supporting Research and Development Activities numbered 5746 and as a result of the assessments of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, 2M Kablo was awarded with the R&D Center License as of June 7, 2017 as the first locally-funded cable manufacturer of Turkish cable sector, which underlines the company’s pioneer status in its sector.

“We aspired to register our R&D center and R&D efforts to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology,” said Orkun Temirel, R&D Director.  “Following our initial application, we have revised our R&D structure as per the requirements and made some adjustments. Our center was inspected by academics at two different times. During these inspections, we have communicated information about our products, projects and R&D center which was followed by a field trip. As an R&D Center, we have been working hard since the day one. After the successful results we obtained from these exhaustive inspections, we have made a presentation to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. As a result of our hard work, we were able to register our R&D Center as the first locally-funded Turkish cable manufacturer in our sector and we are feeling very proud of this achievement. Our R&D center consists of 3 main departments operation on an area of 273m2. Operating with 20 engineers and 6 technicians, our R&D center is focused on seven different product ranges. We also have a total number of 5 labs, namely, Main Lab, Chemical Lab, Fire Testing Lab, Process Lab and High-Voltage Test Chamber, built on a total area of 400m2 and we believe our labs will be of important support to us with the projects we further in our R&D Center.

We have been developing our R&D capacity and infrastructure with partnerships with academia and private sector. Having placed R&D in the center of our processes for quarter of a century, we are manufacturing low-voltage and high-voltage cables successfully. In order to be able to supply for value added projects, we have been producing the right cables according to customer demands and expectations. Having placed emphasis on innovation in our R&D center, we will work on producing environmentally-friendly products and systems and sustain our position as the leader of the sector. From new products to development of patented products, from improving the material quality of the products to designing competitive products for the international market, we will pave the way for our sector in many occasions. Focusing on product development, product design, innovation, ease-of-use, improving product quality and standards, and cost optimization, our R&D Center will add value to Turkey beyond meeting the demands and needs of the sector. We have also been furthering other duties such as improving production efficiency and effectiveness, developing new manufacturing techniques, finding solutions to technical issues which may affect the product quality in cooperation with other departments of our company along with our main R&D activities such as research, development and design. Our product range is ever-growing with an average of 60 new products developed each month by our R&D center,” he added.

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